What Is Re-Targeting And How Can It Help Your Business?

Re-targeting is a form of online advertising that targets bounced traffic. Also known as re-marketing, re-targeting makes sure that those who leave your websites on the first visit will come back at a later time. There was a study that only 2% of visitors convert on the very first visit, re-targeting helps companies to reach the other 98%. This will help your visitors to remind them that, oh, I’ve visited this site once and from my experience, no one is offering the best deal like the one from this site, well, I better head back and do the CTA.

For a business, this is a great idea, right? Now that you understand the very basics of re-targeting, let’s go further and see the cogs and gears under the hood to make sure that you have an efficient knowledge about retargeting.

How Re-targeting Works – Understanding Cookies

Have you ever heard of the term cookie? No, not the edible ones, we are talking about website cookies here. Cookie is a form of data that can identify a visitor among millions of others. For example, I visited your website, your site have a JavaScript that places cookie on my browser and will generate a certain unique tag. Three days later, I visited your website again, your website will check if my browser contains a cookie that matches on its database and because I visited your site before, I have a cookie stored in my browser that will match to the cookie stored on your database. Now, your website will know that oh, you’ve been here before!

Cookies can be a very useful piece of data. You can use it to track visitors, see how long they spend on your site, what pages they visit, what links they click and more. You can even use this cookie to send a personalized greeting to a returning visitor! They can add various dynamic interactive features to your website.

How Re-targeting Works – The Real Deal

Now, what does it have for re-targeting? Remember that cookies are unique identifiers for a certain visitor. It’s like an ID that can identify a user across the internet. When you sign-up for a retargeting network or platform, your retargeting service provider will give you a JavaScript code that you can put in either your website’s header or footer areas.

That code will put a unique cookie to any new visitors of your website and your retargeting service provider will search for them in the entire internet (or at least within their network of affiliates or partners) for that particular visitor and show them an ad pointing to back your website. Of course, you still need to convince them to click that ad back to your website by creating an efficient ad copy.

In addition to this you’ll need to go through a company who will server your ads, such as ad-roll who we predominately use.

Why Would I Invest in Retargeting?

Traditional banner ads often have a CTR (click through rate) of 0.1% and that means for every thousand people who see your site, one will click it. However, with retargeting, you can reach people who have shown interest on your product, website or service before, thereby increasing the CTR of up to 500% compared to traditional ads. We were able to demonstrate a 142% ROI on our client, Server Mania’s re-targeting campaign. Pretty darn good results.

The only downside of retargeting is that you should have a decent amount of traffic for this method to work.

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